Wednesday, July 7, 2010

packing mule

packing my stuff up once again makes me realize two things:
1. I have WAY to much stuff and need to stage an intervention on myself for my serious hoarding of silly crap

2. this is really happening and the humor of it is fading as the seriousness of where i am going is starting to sink in.

by the way, i really am sorting through a lot of my crap and Alysha and her grandmother are going to have a garage sale so by all means come by our crap!!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Round Two

Next week is coming fast and thus starts the second deployment for me... well the annual training prior to the deployment. I have sort of mixed feelings about it but regardless of my feelings the deployment is going to happen weather i like it or not so i may as well make the best of it i suppose :) I try to think of it as a paid vacation with sight seeing, hiking, camping, and nature walks. Its easier to think about when you look at it like that.

Friday, July 4, 2008

this is the end...

A long road traveled with many goals accomplished. I had all of you with me the entire time. Today i spend my 4th of july finishing packing and cleaning our room for the KFOR10 guys that will take over.
Yesterday i spend the majority of the afternoon sitting in quiet reflection, looking out at all the villages that are scattered throughout the countryside. I will have so many great memories from here. I guess you could even sad i am a bit sad that i am leaving. Having to return home now to so much change and having everything so unsure.
I cant wait to see my friends and family when i get home. Thank you all for all that you have done for me this past year. I love you all

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

awards :O

today i was presented with a few awards, and i have one more coming.

i recieved the following awards:

Good Conduct

Global War on Terrorism

Kosovo Campaign

Non-Article 5 Balkans

I will also be recieving the Army Achievement Medal.

just means i have to redo my class A's. BAH!!!!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

one day closer

the new guys for KFOR10 all arrived today!!! we start training them tomorrow for their area of responsibilities. Its really exciting to see them here, as it is really the beginning of the end of this deployment. Soon enough i will be home yay!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

captain caveman

i got to go on a day trip (after a back to back mission so i am running on fumes for energy) to a very unique cave in kosovo. The cave was found in the early 70s by a farmer looking for rock for the house he was building. the cave itself is pure marble. There are underground pools, which you have to dive to get to, and are described by the divers as nothing they have ever seen before. There are a type of crytal that forms in this cave that is said to be found in only two other caves in the world. They do not grow straight down but rather curve like snakes. They believe they have a draw to the change in magnetic fields that make them form the way they do.

In the photo i am standing in front of the prized formation in the cave. They call it the Romeo and Juliet formation. They are the longest stalagtite and stalagmite (i know i spelled it wrong but am to tired to care) formations in the cave. they are lucky to have survived the renovation for the tourism. It is estimated that if untouched or any disruption, they will finally kiss in 1.2 million years. The cave itself is 80 million years old and is one of the youngest caves in the region.

dont try this at home

So it is said that idle hands are the devil's work. I say, let the devil take a back seat and watch what can be created by being idle with life.


yep... i set my hands on fire for a picture.... was it worth it??